Small Tips for your Copier


Whenever we purchased a copier or have a copier for rental, when having a problem with your copier in event. Here are some tips on fixing these problems, preventing those problems.

  1. Use a quality paper. The low quality paper will get jam and worse to finish the work.
  2. If paper get jam, fix it completely, If you don’t get fix it properly and completely, there is a chance of getting another paper to get jam.
  3. Keep moisture out of paper. Moisture causes your paper to get jam.
  4. Paper left in copier over weekend and holidays will gather moisture. Replace you old paper when you are getting print.
  5. When you load paper, don’t bend or tear the edges. If don’t do this, you are setting to get a paper jam.
  6. Make sure you are using the right toner for the model of the copier. Using the wrong may cause mechanical problems.
  7. Use your hands to remove a paper jam, other than those don’t use any other things. If you scratch the wrong parts, it will make you to get problems in copier.
  8. When you remove jammed paper, make sure you recover all pieces, even tiny fragments.
  9. You can save money when you get more cartridges.
  10. Try to use the copier with correct settings.

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