Photocopier Service


Photocopiers require regular maintenance which can be costly when covered for on a time and materials basis. When you go for ‘amc’ it helps to maintain regularly. But before going to AMC just think AMC is required for the copier. Because when the photocopier is used more daily then AMC is good. If you copier is lea uses. Then AMC is not required.

A photocopier is just like a computer, over the term of your agreement, which in some gear could be 5 years, software will finally need upgrading so many companies do this so the equipment stays serviceable, which is beneficial to all involved.

A Photocopier has duplex function for double sided printing. It should be default to reduce the paper using. Photocopiers made in the last five years are likely to include printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying in one machine, which means, instead of making a photocopy, documents can be scanned into photocopiers and sent via email or fax.

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