How Photocopier Works?


Parts of Photocopier

A Photocopier can be called as “Xerox Machine” and consists of the many parts. They are:

Photoreceptor Drum

Photoreceptor Drum is coated by photoconductive material it act as a semiconductor, such as selenium, silicon or germanium. The semiconductor that becomes conductive when exposed to light.


Toner is a liquid pigment. Sometimes referred to as ‘dry ink’, a toner is a dry mixture of fine, negatively-charged plastic particles and coloring agents that create the duplicate image on a piece of paper.

Corona Wires

When subjected to high voltage transfer a positive charge to the drum and the copy paper


A Light Source and few lenses, which shine a bright beam of light on original document and copy the image onto a specific place.


Fuser melts and presses the toner image in the copy paper and finally you can get the duplicate copy of the document. A fuser is main component of a photocopier machine.

How does Photocopier Works?

The Photocopier process, the top lid of the copier is opened and the copy is placed face down on the glass surface, where the light beam scans the entire document. The original document image copy formed on the photoconductor.

A belt rotates it carries the electrical shadow along with it.

The toner has electrical charge; it sticks to the electrical shadow and an inked image of the original copy on the belt.

A blank paper is inserted into the photocopier from the other side, which slowly moves into the e photoconductor belt. As it moves on the conveyor belt, a strong positive charge is transmitting to it. The strong positive charge of the blank paper pulls the negatively-charged toner particles towards itself. As a result, a duplicate image of the master copy is formed on the blank paper.

Finally, just before spitting the paper out, a fuser unit (a pair of hot rollers) supplies heat and pressure so the toner particles are permanently attached/fused onto the paper. This is why a freshly ejected duplicate copy is quite warm to the touch

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