History of Konica Minolta Photocopier


Konica Minolta had established in the year 2003 in the word of imaging. It is a Japanese technology company with 49 countries worldwide. It offers optical technology and business products, laser printers and measuring instruments. In 2003 there was merging between two separate companies Konica and Minolta). The company started selling photocopying material in 1800 and developed their first camera. Still all can remember Konica Minolta in Cameras. The first camera was introduced in 1900.

The first Konica Minolta Photocopier hit U.S markets in 1971. The advance Photocopier Technology has been a support for the company. How Konica Minolta Copier modern devices like bizhub copier printer scanner was introduced. Thus they started to improve their business.

Photocopiers have come a long way over the last couple of decades. Due to the increased complication of both MFP and printer devices, Konica Minolta increased technology sharing between the two lines of products. In many regions, this has led to the integration of the Printer products company into the Business equipment products company.

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